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  • Rookie Training

    Dustin takes you on a personal journey of fitness and health. Anybody can make a routine that's for millions of people and maybe modify it for beginners. Dustin will evaluate where you are now and your goals, then make the perfect workout for you!
  • Group Training

    The best way to keep up with doing your workouts regularly is with partners that will work out with you along the way! Sign up for Group Training (up to 3 clients) to help inspire one another to get fit and healthy together!
  • Youth Training

    For all youth that would like to get physically fit for the upcoming school year. This is for general health or strength and conditioning for a sport. Dustin provides guidance and assistance to instill good habits and healthy lifestyle for young adults.
  • Online Training

    Don't have enough time to meet in person? Dustin offers HEART's Online Training for individuals to receive on-the-go training. Online Training is for inexperienced and experienced clients alike. Even though it's online, still be prepred to work!
  • Bodybuilding

    Looking to improve your skills on the basketball court, football field or the pitch? Whatever sport it maybe, Dustin provides special activities and regimen for the sport you want to excel in. With a little added HEART, you'll set yourself apart from the rest!
  • Basketball Skills

    Looking to improve your skills on the basketball court during the offseason? Dustin provides tips and tricks to help elevate high school, collegiate and professional players. These workouts are custom to your own individual growth. With a little added HEART, you'll set yourself apart from the rest!

A combination of the fat burning diet with Dustin's workout plan will help you lose weight and tone up fast! Sign up for this diet plan below and start now!

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For bodybuilders and athletes, Dustin provides diets that help you bulk up, cut fat, or do both at the same time! Click here to find out more and sign up!

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Detox sounds bad but under Dustin's care, you'll clean your system and feel rejuvenated! Dustin can even create a custom plan for your specific issues!

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